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Seven Generations Hence

I ran in my Manitoba riding of Brandon-Souris as the Green Party candidate in the fall 2019 federal election. While I didn’t win, the experience proved a valuable one.

Meeting people across southwestern Manitoba reminded me that all politics is truly local. That’s where the impacts of our leaders’ decisions meet the reality of our everyday lives – where the rubber hits the road.

I’m leaving the introduction that follows as a reminder of why I ran for federal office. It’s the intro I wrote to explain a bit of why I felt compelled to make the foray into the world of national politics.

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But if we keep doing politics the way we’re doing politics, and we keep doing climate action the way we’re doing climate action, we will not have history that judges us, because we, certainly as a civilization, won’t be here.

Elizabeth May – Former Green Party of Canada Leader

We’re at a crossroads in history. Our parents and grandparents experienced something similar in the World Wars that defined the 20th century. Our earth’s not-so-slow-moving climate crisis requires that we all bring our A-game to ensure our children and grandchildren inherit a healthy and viable world, one that we have too long taken for granted.

This means fast tracking our shift from a dependence on fossil fuel energy to proven and ever cheaper technologies: wind and solar, geothermal, biomass, more efficient battery storage – all connected by a strong and stable cross-Canada power grid.

It means making sure that the cost of production accurately reflects the true cost of what we put into our shared atmosphere, that thin skin of gases that envelopes our earth and makes it possible for us to exist.

We can do this – each one of us. But the time is long past for debating whether it’s occurring or whether the consequences will come to pass in 20, 50 or 100 years. Our shared responsibility to conserve the amazing gift entrusted to us requires us to act decisively. Our political system encourages notoriously short-sighted planning. The Green Party is the only party to explicitly state that its policies and platform will take into consideration the “triple bottom lines” of economic, ecological, and social effects, not only for the current generation but for seven subsequent generations.