Elections Matter

At the time of Canada’s founding in 1867, full citizenship was only accorded to men. Voting was limited to those who were white and male.  A series of changes began to correct this gross inequity in early 1916 with the granting of provincial voting rights to women, including those in Manitoba. Down the road in … More Elections Matter

Face to Face

It was the late ‘90’s and the worldwide web was still mostly shiny and new, at least in a form that allowed the public to interact on it. Many of us used dial-up modems with connection speeds of 33.6K or (gasp!) 56K that tied up the phone line while we surfed the marvels of the … More Face to Face

The Value of Promises

Political discussion doesn’t demand partisanship – that is, it doesn’t need to either promote or denigrate specific parties. Unfortunately, most issues have become defined by a right-wing, left-wing or centrist approach and we often accept positions based on what ‘our’ party says. As social creatures, we have an innate need to be part of a … More The Value of Promises

When an inch isn’t an inch: Measuring Economic Well Being

CHARLES DICKENS’ STORY of Ebenezer Scrooge’s conversion from miserly curmudgeon to generous humanitarian is a familiar and much-loved one. Visits by the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future show Scrooge that his singular focus on his own wealth had crowded out anything whose value could not be measured in dollars and cents. DURING THE … More When an inch isn’t an inch: Measuring Economic Well Being